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Paisa movie review

Friday February 07th 2014

Paisa Review




Krishna Vamsi


Ramesh Puppala

Written by:

K. K. Benoji

Star Cast :

Catherine Tresa

Music :

Sai Karthik


Yellow Flowers

Release date:

7th February 2014


Action / Entertainer



Director Krishna Vamshi after a long time coming with a new innovative movie Paisa starring Nani and Catherine Tresa, the movie which was postponed several times due to various reasons has now released and it would a big turning point for the hero Nani, he kept all his hopes on the movie. Paisa paramatma (money is everything) the director wants to show the audiences how the money changes the lives of people in daily life. So let us see the story of the movie.

Prakash (Nani) works as model in one of the Sharwani shop in Charminar, in the same shop a girl by name Noor (Catherine) also works, Noor falls in love with Prakash but Noor’s father who dies when she was a child faces lot of financial problems and debts,  Yadav (RK) threatens Noor to return back the money taken by her father. Meanwhile Prakash close friend who works in Dubai call him and tells that he is sending some money through Hawella take one lakh from the amount sent and give it to his family, when he goes to collect the money Prakash gets shock after seeing huge money. He feels that one crore is enough to settle in life, while he works for Hawella he suddenly gets Rs.50 crores, now the twist is that from where he got the money and how it changes his life, to know about that we have to see the movie.

Actors performance: 
There is nothing new to tell about Nani’s acting skills he always act naturally, his role as a common person performed fantastic. Catherine as Noor is also good.  Charan Raj as a villain was also done justice to the movie, how to grab the seat of Chief Minister with hook or crook. Raja Ravindra as encounter specialist done the job very well. Actress Sidika Sharma in a glamour is a plus point for the movie.

Technical Highlights: 
Nothing special in technical highlights in the movie, Sai Karthik music is only plus point for the movie, he beautifully tuned the songs in the film. The photography, editing and re-recording is said to be average. The graphics of the movie has failed to attract the audiences.

Director Krishna Vamshi failed to express his story content to the audiences, the people who expect lot  of Krishna Vamshi has disappointed with the movie.

Krishna Vanshi has shown the audiences the importants of Paisa, how the Paisa changes the lives of people and at the same time how paisa weakens the people. Paisa is everything in the world without paisa nothing is going to happen.

Punch Line: Money Makes Everything